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1960’s Short Hairstyles

60’s Hairstyle for Women

1960’s Short Hairstyles

Are you inspired by 1960’s short hairstyles? Do you want to copy them and look a little bit retro? Look no further! We have collected some 1960’s Short Hairstyles that are so unique and perfect to try in this era as well. Either go to your hairstylist or do it yourself. These haircuts are perfect and you will stand out everywhere you go.

So one of the best 1960’s hairstyles is  layered bob. Have you though bob is a new style? No! Bob comes from ancient times and even in 1960 women liked to wear bob. Bob has many variations and these women tried them one by one. Besdies layered bob you can also try stacked bob. You can’t even imagine how modern the stacked bob was. Women of all ages liked to try this type of bob cut as it was so popular and beautiful. Today, you can see many women with stacked bob cuts as well. You can also try this and feel wonderful. Another perfect hairstyle that comes from 60’s is pixie. 

Pixie cutsquick, easy to style, and gorgeous at the same time. You can make this old school look modern and stylish. To add a fresh, modern appeal, you can make your hair blonde and keep the crown longer than sides. Moreover, you can add some bangs as well to look sexier. Also apply some texturizing spray into your bangs with your fingers for a polished and yet effortlessly tousled look. If you want an extra impact then we offer you to add fringe on your bob cut. Make your hair bob and add your fringe on your jaw-length cut.

If you have medium hair then you can also opt for big locks. Women of 1960’s liked big locks, so you can take this idea and enjoy it as well. During 1960’s bouffant hairstyles became very popular. Margaret Thatcher is among the most famous bouffant wearers. Recreate this look now and make everybody admire your uniqueness. Short sleek hair is another 60’s idea that many women try nowadays. Do you want to keep your hair neat? This hairstyle is just for you. Make your hair super short and sleek and you will become a woman of 60’s.

The 1960’s might be long gone, but the hairstyles it has brought remain till now. All of these 1960’s hairstyle ideas are cute, unique, and beautiful. If you value vintage elegance then all of these hairstyle ideas will inspire you. Choose one of these looks below and make everybody relaize that 1960 has a lot to show. We are sure you will get motivatd from these looks below as they are original in their own way!



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