20 Best Inverted Bob Haircuts for Women


20 Best Inverted Bob Haircuts for Women

Whether you’re looking to chop off your long locks into a short new ‘do or simply want to give your cropped mane a refresh, an inverted bob can provide the perfect answer. The cut, which features a short back and longer front is both stylish and highly flattering. It also has an option to suit everyone, meaning ladies of all hair types and textures can embrace this chic style. To rock the look, all you need to do is find the right version for you. So, to help you with this mission, we’ve compiled a list of the chicest inverted bob hairstyles for women. Simply pick your favorite and take the picture to your hairdresser for a new look you’re sure to love.


What is an Inverted Bob?

An inverted bob is a type of bob that features a short back and long front. As such it is similar to an A-line bob. However, the two do differ. Unlike a standard A-line bob, an inverted bob, which is also known as a graduated bob, features a tapered back with stacked layers. Therefore, the cut can often appear more curved at the back, rather than flat. Of course, the amount of stacking can vary between inverted bob hairstyles. While some women like a low, blended stack that it is quite subtle, others prefer short, more defined layers. Likewise, the difference in length between the front of the hair and the back can also vary from minimal to severe.

What is the difference between an inverted bob and a graduated bob?

A graduated bob is just another name for an inverted bob. Another similar style is the A-line bob, which is shaped similarly but doesn’t have the layer stacking at the back.

Are inverted bobs Still in Style 2021?

Inverted bobs are in style for 2021, as they’re super chic, low maintenance, and a great way to create depth and shape.

How do you cut an inverted bob?

It’s best to head to your hairdresser for cutting an inverted bob, as you want to make sure you get the layers and shape correct. Your stylist will start by establishing what shape and length you want. They will then start at the back, underneath, cutting on a downward angle towards the front, and moving forwards. They’ll likely get the shape established first and then go back through and add layers.

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