20 Cool Choppy Pixie Cuts Ideas for Women of All Ages


Cool Choppy Pixie Cuts Ideas for Women of All Ages

Your choppy pixie cut can look unique & breathtaking – as long as you pick out a hairstyle that suits you & your face shape! In this article, we are going to talk about loads of different hair ideas that women can experiment with. Find your perfect new hairdo down below!

What Is A Choppy Pixie Cut?

Choppy hair is a bold cut, used to create volume, definition, and movement with its unique cutting technique. A pixie cut is a short hairdo that has a bit more voluminous top and some bangs. These two once combined are gorgeous, feminine & flirty ideas, perfect for any age group!

How To Achieve A Choppy Pixie Cut?

The tricky part with choppy pixie haircuts is that they can’t be achieved on your own. This is why you will need a skilled hairstylist who is an expert at delivering shorter & voluminous hairdos. Here is how the process usually looks like:

  • Step 1: Your hairstylist will cut your hair above your shoulders while aiming for that ear length.
  • Step 2: They will add layers with a pair of scissors while also potentially thinning out some parts of your hair.
  • Step 3: They will leave the front part a lot more voluminous, possibly with some bangs to achieve that sleek & modern pixie vibe.
  • Step 4: It is time to wash & style your hair.
  • Step 5: In most cases, they are going to use a bit of hair gel, pomade, or hairspray to style your strands & leave you with that high-end look.

Who Should Wear A Choppy Pixie Cut?

The best thing about choppy pixie cuts? They are for everyone! We can see celebrities such as Miley Cyrus & Halle Berry rocking them while there is a thirty-year difference between these two beauties! This just shows you that a pixie cut has no rules! However & usually, it is a common go-to by women who like practical, short, low-key & low-maintenance hairstyles for everyday wear. The styling process takes less than 2-3 minutes, which is why a lot of busy moms or workaholic women tend to go for it.

Time For A New Hairdo!

Ready to look like a true diva? Just know that all eyes will be on you if you end up getting a choppy pixie cut. Make sure that you let us know which look is a must-have for you, as well as when you plan on wearing it and for which event!

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