20 Long Pixie Cuts for Women Over 60 with Style


20 Greatest Long Pixie Cuts for Women Over 60 with Style

The best long pixie cuts for women over 60 are cropped with layers. The “lixie” as it’s sometimes called is longer than your standard pixie. I spoke with hairstylist Kate Gibson of Austin, TX, to get some of her best advice if you’re considering this haircut.

Key Things to Know First

  • If you currently have long hair and looking for a change, consult with a hairstylist before fully commiting.
  • Gibson highly recommends that you go to a hairstylist with experience cutting pixies. Short hair requires different training and techniques.
    Pro Tip: Check out a stylists Instagram profile first to see pictures of their work. If the majority of what you see is balayage, then consider someone else.
  • A well-trained stylist will know how to customize and texturize your hair properly. They know how to feel the weight and to deliver the dream short haircut experience to any woman.
  • You’ll know you’ve found a great hairstylist when 40% of your hair is cut wet and 60% is cut dry.

Short hair can be an identity shift. I hope you’re ready! Now, before you book your next haircut, find and save your top 3 pictures of these long pixie cuts for women over 60!

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