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20 Lovely Crimped Hairstyles: 80’s Wavy & Loose Trends

Black Brown Crimped Hair
Black Brown Crimped Hair

20 Lovely Crimped Hairstyles: 80’s Wavy & Loose Trends

Do you enjoy cute crimped hair looks? Are you someone who knows how to style your hair this way? If you’re someone who knows how to wear stylish old-school looks and retroelements this will suit you. Find your new hairdo down below!

1. Who Can Go For A Crimped Hairdo?

Crimped hair is for those who like retro and stylish 80s looks! If you enjoy feminine ideas and you want to try out something new and fun yourself, this will suit you! Usually, women who are in their twenties or teens will enjoy this idea the best.

2. How To Do The Crimped Hairstyle?

Tightly braid your hair in several small sections, so that you end up with about ten or so braids all around your head. You can have even more braids if your hair is longer or more thick and voluminous. You can work in larger sections to get a wider crimp if you prefer. Now use a flat iron and place it over each braid, then leave them to cool down. Brush out the hair to achieve a voluminous look yourself. PS: you can also use a flat iron that has a zic zac or criss-cross pattern to achieve this hairdo. It will take you around 20-30 minutes to end up with this crimped hairdo.

3. How Much Is A Crimped Hairstyle?

Your hairstylist can do this look on your natural hair. They will use a heat-protective spray to protect your hair from high heat from a flat iron. They will section your hair and work one section at a time. Once they press a flat iron against your hair they will brush it out with their fingertips to get rid of any knots. The final outcome will cost around $50 at most hair salons.

The perfect night-out time and party ponytail! If you’re a fan of longer looks and elegance you’re going to like this long crimped beauty for your formal events.

Want To Give It A Go?

Which one crimped hairdo will suit you? Are you into longer or shorter hair ideas? Either way it may be just let us know what design was your favorite from the bunch. You will enjoy one of these beauties for sure!



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