20 Modern Short Haircuts for Women over 50 with Colors


As you know, the right haircut takes 5-10 years off your looks.  Many older women now are sticking to one hairstyle for decades or choosing the styles which make them seem too severe. Suitable haircuts will not only hair tendencies change, you change as well. Also, older ladies should choose short hair that helps them not to visit hair salons frequently. New hair hue, new shapes of haircuts, new finishes for the ends can do it great job in your hair. The good news is there’s nothing new under the sun, and your favorite pixies and bobs are still popular but they have acquired new quirks. We have 20 beautiful versions of short haircuts for those over 50 here.

Why we should update Short Haircuts for Women over 50?

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Today your haircut is really vital that shows off around your face textures and gives it a feeling of movement. You can achieve the best cut simply with layers and/or trimmed/choppy edges. The tip is that you should avoid heavy blunt cut contours and accurate geometrical lines and shapes in haircuts that you will look too older. Plus, do not let your hair must suffer from plenty amount of hair spray in the last step.

Moreover, for a new change, you should pay attention to the hair color. With your age now, you tend to choose lighter hues than other ages. Because, in fact, most women will have some grey locks instead of their smooth natural hair, such as dark, blonde, etc, so it is better for you in masking these grey hairs. However, sadly, if the base color is too light for your skin tone, you need to go with the darker like caramel or golden highlights. It always refreshes your skin and helps you become trendy.

Here are 20 successful examples of short haircuts for women over 50!

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