20 Most Trendy Hairstyles for Women above 40 to Look Younger


Most Trendy Hairstyles for Women above 40 to Look Younger

For most women, their hairstyle pattern changes as they get older. The hairstyle you had in your twenties and thirties should be different from the ones in your forties. At 40, most women need a hairstyle that suits women of their ages. With this definitive guide for women’s hairstyles age 40+ or even over 50+, you have to know the trendiest colors and styles to choose from. Therefore, Pouted Online Magazine presents the following top twenty hairstyles for women above 40 years old.

The Brunette Messy Hair Shag

Are you a busy career-focused woman in your forties? Well, look no further when finding the best-looking hairstyles for women above 40. The shag is the perfect hairstyle for the professional woman over 40. It does not need too much of your attention, because it only requires such low maintenance. Whether you get it polished or messy, the hairstyle looks excellent.

The relaxed wavy half up

Fall back in your forties and enjoy the vigor of this chic hairstyle from Angelina Jolie. It brings out your beauty regardless of age. There is no fear in letting your hair be messy. In this style, the hair comes with a blended combination of curls and waves. This chic combination is used to give the hair a feeling of texture and depth. This look helps you look refined.

The angular bob

If you are over forty, perhaps you may want to try a hairstyle fancied by one of the famous women over forty – Victoria Beckham. This posh (no pun intended) hairstyle brings out the edgy and classy look in you regardless of your age. This style is both extraordinary and sophisticated.

Dark curls

Bring back the glamour of your hairstyles with this inspiration from Cougar herself. You don’t need to wear your hair in blondes all the time. Let Sofia Vergara lead you on how to allow your hair to strengthen and get styling by using tight curls.

The layered crop

Do you want a look that saves you a lot of time and does not need much maintenance? This style by Charlize Theron can be styled to give an extra feeling of texture and volume.

Front layers

If you are over forty, having long hair can bring back that sexiness and gorgeousness that you have always craved. This style by Heidi Klum frames the face while keeping the look fresh and lifted.

Neat top hair bun

One of the favorite women’s hairstyles age 40+ is the neat top hair bun that gives the face a fun and fresh look. The busy and focused career woman who prefers a simple and smart hairstyle fancies this elegant bun. With a crisp bun, the style gives you the freedom to concentrate on your day’s activities.

The blonde bob

Are you more than forty and hesitant about a suitable hairstyle? Let 45- year-old Elizabeth show you how to do this with her neat platinum blonde bob. It looks merely exotic and fabulous.

Long lovely layers

Nobody would be better to show you the way of being a beautiful woman over forty than the fantastic Tyra Banks do this herself. The lovely long layers show a look elegance for the 40s-over woman.

Blonde layers

This signature hairstyle from Jennifer Aniston is sure to bring the best looks out of any woman over 40. The hair brings the chicness with blonde highlights mixed with subtle layers.

Summer Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the best option for summer. It is among the newest youthful hairstyles out there. The style will make you look ten years younger than you are.

Loose Curls

The loose curls hairstyles give you relaxed hair even in your forties. It is one of the best hairstyles for women above 40 years old. This hairstyle helps you to look your best with loose and medium-cut waves.

The Icy blonde

Are you looking to go blonde in your 40s? This icy blonde hairstyle makes you look like you are in your thirties once again. The style gets you ready for any type of occasion- whether for work or parties.

The Voluminous bob

This hairstyle allows you to combine her pointed shape and the extra body across the crown of the head. Enjoy, and a short hairstyle keeps you in top condition at all times.

The Auburn wavy style

Whether you decide to go for a bold color like auburn, burgundy, dark pink, or purple, you get to make a fashion statement. The hairstyle works miracles with a wavy or curly hairstyle.

Huge voluminous curl

Get some inspiration from Eva Mendes and rock these big and thick curls to bring out your youthfulness in your 40s. You can try on this style, and be sure to choose a color that matches your complexion.

The simple updo

You can become fabulous in your 40s if you get this style like Eva Longoria. You will look super sleek and elegant with this simple updos hairstyles.

The sleek up-do

Being over forty does not necessarily give you an excuse to look dull and untidy with your hairstyle. Get trendy and exciting one more time by getting this trendy style from Kate Beckinsale. It gets you ready for the bar or the office.

Tighter long hair curls

When you feel like hitting your friend’s party in your forties and want to look your best, take a cue from this A-list actress – Catherine Zeta-Jones. The brave long tighter curls ramp you up for that perfect party look.

The side-swept hair bob

The side-swept hair bob is undoubtedly one of the trendiest hairstyles you should have in your forties. The style involves allowing some romantic tendrils to fall slightly below the chin. Just like Amal Clooney, the hair can be kept out of your face to display your radiant face.

These are the trendiest hairstyles for women above 40. This definitive guide will give you great ideas on how to adopt the right hairstyle to look radiant despite over forty. For more trendy hairstyles, click here.

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