20 Perfect Hairstyles for Brides with Round Faces


Come here all beautiful brides!  If you have a round face, you should be careful about the hairstyles you pick for your special day. We recommend you to choose the one that makes your face look broad, but still long and slender. To help you save time, we have collected for you 20 gorgeous hairstyles for round face brides. These styles not only look amazing but also assure you become the most beautiful character at all wonderful moments in your wedding occasion.

What to Avoid When Picking a Hairstyle for a Round Face?

What to Avoid When Picking a Hairstyle for a Round Face?

You should avoid blunt haircuts before your wedding because it makes your face look larger than it is in reality. Plus, long hair length may be the best option for you due to the many hairstyles that you can create. Another reason is that short hair length often is not suitable for round face women. However, if you have a thin round face, short hairstyles will look good.

Moreover, curly hair is not on the favorite list for round face, so, you can consider straight, full of curls, or beach waves that flatter your face shape. Also, remember don’t make zig-zag hairstyle.

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Tips for Picking Good Hairstyles for Round Face Brides

1. You can add bangs because it makes your round face appear slender.

2. If you want to cut short hair, the textured lob will work better. The tip for you is to keep the back short, and the front at or below the jawline.

3. When you go with an updo, try bun with layers because it adds more volumes to your hair that helps your face look slimmer.

Check out these photos of suitable hairstyles for round face brides and see what we bring for your special day!

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