20 Terrific Long Hairstyles for Black Men


If you are a lucky man who has fine hair, there is a sense of growing it out and styling smartly. All things you need to do are to look more unique than doesn’t like any second guy in the street. Of course, African American men also need to find some hairstyles. Although they usually first think about braids when someone mentions long hairstyles, but not only braids can make you become the most handsome man. That is the reason why you have to keep a look at these gorgeous long hairstyles for black men.

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Classic Afro look is usually natural curls in shoulder-length. Many men choose them to wear in the center-parted, forehead, or swept to the one side. Another style that belongs to younger men is A-line styles with free strands falling on the forehead and cheeks. Plus, men can try a fun style that cuts your curls in a rounded shape.

The Best Styles of Black Men with Long Hair

Many people consider dreadlocks are the most popular hairstyles for African Americans not only men but also women. However, men look cooler in this hairstyle than women. It brings a fantastic look when you let it scatters over your shoulders and top of the back. Moreover, you can style it into a ponytail for formal occasions.

For some men who are best-liked braid styles, try to make a cornrows running vertically off the forehead. In contrast, if you like a classic braid style, you can check out some versatile braided hairstyles for men.

We think that twists are more fun and manlier than braids. A full of thick curls is always a wish of almost African American men.

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Now, let’s see 20 perfect photos of long hairstyles for black men!

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