20 Trendiest Long Shaggy Bob Haircuts for Carefree Women


Trendiest Long Shaggy Bob Haircuts for Carefree Women

Along shaggy bob is a shoulder-length haircut created by a combination of jagged ends and layers. The idea is to give locks an effortless edge and lots of texture, movement, and volume. So why go for a short bob when you can pull it off, too!

Ashley Marie, a stylist from Charlotte, NC, describes the shag as the style that’s meant to be carefree. “The woman that wears this is ready to put the flat iron away. She’s ready to embrace her hair in its natural form, or create a texture that suits her inner funk.”

The texture is the first thing to think about when opting for a shaggy lob hairstyle. Maintenance comes next. Ashley says, “My advice is to consider your daily routine. Do the trims fit into your schedule? Can you afford 2-3 haircuts a year?”

For styling, Ashley’s fave product line is by Hairstory. She loves Hair Balm as a go-to product for natural curls. The Undressed texturizing spray is what she uses on women who need help in boosting texture.

So are you ready for a shag? Ashley advises finding a stylist that focuses on short haircutting. Not everyone is comfortable doing such styles and cuts.

“Any style can be tailored to any face shape, hair texture, and routine. It’s just about finding a hairstylist who knows how to do that,” she adds.

So before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the trendiest long shaggy bob haircuts and hairstyles.

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