20 Trendiest Updos for Medium Hair Women


Sometimes, a mid-length may set some difficulties on the variability of hairstyles, because some styles really look more advantageous on longer lengths. In fact, you can create plenty of charming updos with shoulder hair, especially for hot summer occasions when you want to keep your locks off the face, or simply don’t have enough time to style complicated ones. Moreover, wear elegant updo to the events to help you become the most outstanding character. We are here to show you the collection of 20 best examples of updos for medium hair length that are both casual and formal look.

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What is the best updo for medium length?

 We think that it is definitely good if you wear in suitable situations. But, we still summarize these popular medium updos for your various choices, such as buns, simple knots, or French knots, etc.

Tips for Common Types of Updos for Medium Length Hair


 A bun is considered the easiest updo that most girls can do. If you have a not thick enough medium hair, the bun’s size can help you to hide your weak point of your face, hair, or even body.


Modern knots are usually loose and messy. You should pay attention to tease your root of hair that gives some lift around your face to create a perfect low and high knot. When it’s ready to holder, you should, sometimes pull at some strands to make loops.

Braids Elements

Nowadays, casual or formal style often combines with braid. Whether it’s a chunky crown braid or a tight thin braid on one side to complement a bun, these elements are perfect in modern updos.

Give a look on these updos for medium hair that we have found for you below!

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