21 Feather Cut Hairstyle Ideas: Advice from Stylists


21 Feather Cut Hairstyle Ideas: Advice from Stylists

Feathered hair is a women’s haircut that is finely layered and resembles the layering of bird feathers. It was popularized in the years 1970s and 1980s, thanks to movies like Charlie’s Angels, and is still greatly on-trend now. A feather cut is typically cut in a V-shape using a razor, as the airy feathered hairstyles are a highly textured version of a layered cut – only better!

Since its heyday, the feather cut hairstyle has been modified and styled differently in several variations. From the long wispy layers of Farrah Fawcett to a pixie cut worn by Princess Dianna.

Some of these modern feathered hair ideas are rocked by A-listers such as Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, and Halle Berry! Long or short, feathered layers go fab with any hair length and hair type.

Women who have thin hair but want thick hair should consider waves or wavy hair. Doing so adds volume and texture. Feathering is a technique used to create volume for thin hair, and reduces volume and weight in thick hair.

If you’re looking to balance out or slim down your round face shape, match a fringe with face-framing layers. Upkeep depends on your chosen feathered hair, short hair is relatively easier. A regular trim every 2-3 months would suffice if you wanna keep those layers finely and evenly shaped.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these feather cut ideas!

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