21 Hairstyles in the 90 that Your Parents Obsessed With


The last years of the 20th century gave us a lot of classic fashion phenomena. Of all those trends, even hairstyles were no exception during this period. Although there are hairstyles that are soon to be forgotten, there are styles that still remain popular and are loved to this day. We rounded at least 20 hairstyles in the 90 that your parents fell in love with when they were young. And after scrolling through all of them, you may become one of those who give them a comeback.

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1. Hairstyle in the 90: Coloured ‘streaks’

Colored ‘streaks’ with vibrant colors was one way to define the coolest. Who knows that your moms had been their fan?

2. The scrunchie + high pony

= The dream girl-band hairstyle

This cycle trend rotated in 2019, and please, I just want this hairstyle to live with us forever.

3. Hairstyle in the 90: Stripy highlights

Who can resist those stripy highlights? No wonder why they were a trend.

4. Hairstyle in the 90: Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips were once forgotten, but most importantly, they have made a comeback since last year.

5. Hairstyle in the 90: Crimping

Love Christina, love her cool hairstyle, you cannot miss out crimping.

6. Hair Gems

Sparkling tiny gems are everything to make you shine.

7. Hairstyle in the 90: Ringlet curls, ruled

Just like their “ancestors”, beachy waves are dream hairstyles of every girl on this planet.

8. Mini buns

Gwen Stefani looked so gorgeous with those mini buns. Copy this hairstyle if you want to bring in her youthful vibe.

9. A flat cap

A flat cap is a subtle hair accessory that every girl need this summer. It is cool, and protect you from UV of the sunray.

10. Zig-zag parting

Live it up with zig-zag party because of YOLO!

11. Hairstyle in the 90: A power quiff

Change your hairstyle a bit and you’ll appreciate that decision.

12. Hairstyle in the 90: A sweeping fringe

If there is something that cannot get old-fashioned, it is a sweeping fringe.

13. Wearing ALL the hairstyles at once

You are too cool to just pick one style? Combine all of them and present them In your own way.

14. Mini bunches

Too cute to handle.

15. Bandanas

Another cool style you cannot miss.

16. Hairstyle in the 90:The spiky updo

It is still hot now, TBH.

17. A ‘piecey’ fringe

This hairstyle is everything.

18. Flicked out ends

Shoutout to flicked-out-ends girls since they have to suffer from too much hairspray.

19. Hairstyle in the 90: The pineapple

Simple, but not simple at all.

20. Three-tone hair

You’d better wear three-tone hair at one time if you want this cool.

21. The ‘Rachel’

Of all hairstyles in the 90, this is such an iconic.

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