21 Short Bob Haircuts for Women Over 70


21 No-Fuss, Yet Stylish Short Bob Haircuts for Women Over 70

The ideal short bob haircuts for women over 70 are easy-styling and low-maintenance. The length ranges from ear to neck, and the short cut may feature layers and bangs.

Women’s hair tends to become finer and thinner as they get older. Fortunately, short haircuts create an illusion of a coarser density. Illinois-based stylist and salon owner Beth Nuccio explains the magic behind this.

“These short bobs create a thicker perimeter. Cut the hair to one length falling at or around the neckline, so it looks fuller,” says Nuccio.

Face shape, neck length, and jawline—pay extra attention to these areas as short-length cuts highlight them. If these are your best features, go for a bob cut ASAP!

Short hair requires more styling than most women think. Nuccio states, “Bobs are too short for a ponytail or bun. And depending on your texture, the strands can get quite poofy without any product or heat tool.”

Ask your stylist if you have the ideal face shape and hair texture to pull off your preferred cut. As for the maintenance, they may advise you to get a trim every 4-6 weeks to keep the cut’s volume and shape.

A fresh, bold haircut will give you enough confidence every day. Check out this inspiring photo gallery for our collection of trendy short bob haircuts for women over 70!

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