25 Cool Braid Hairstyles for Men


Braids for men have drawn a lot of attention for the last decades. More and more men tend to wear a braid once when it’s increasingly getting well-known around the world. Today, we will show you 25 cool braid hairstyles for men that you can try. 

What is a man braid?

In the black community, the man braid is a super cool hairstyle that originated from ancient heritage. The braids require a lot of effort to style and get creative designs. 

By weaving the hair together, you get a totally different look with the braids on your head. The braid style varies in several different ways and the only limitation is your imagination or creation. 

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What do you need to get a man braid?

Like the man bun, the man braid requires a certain length of hair that is around 3-5 inches to create a well-braided style, so this hairstyle is perfectly suitable for long hair men. 

Don’t worry about your hair type because the braid is good for almost all. However, thick hair men will get some difficulties in styling because of its nature. For face shapes, men with square, triangle, diamond, and oblong faces are ideal to deal with. 

If you need some hair products to keep the braids in place and neatly, we will recommend a pomade or gel. Furthermore, a good comb or brush will be a big help in making your hair neat and separate parts for braiding. Finally, don’t forget a good hair tie or more to finish the braids. 

Last but not least, men having problems with balding or hair loss shouldn’t try this style because it puts a lot of pulling force to your hair and may make your circumstance much more serious.  

Best braid hairstyles for men in 2020

So, are you ready to check out some cool braid hairstyles for men right now?

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