25 Flattering Bobs with Bangs for Women with Round Faces


25 Flattering Bobs with Bangs for Women with Round Faces

Are you considering a bob with bangs but wondering if it will flatter your round face shape? Don’t worry! With the right techniques and styling tips, you can achieve a look that complements your unique features.

Haircutting specialist Timothy Walkinhood offers expert advice for those looking to get a bob with bangs, particularly for those with round faces and varying hair textures and thicknesses. He recommends opting for a textured fringe rather than a blunt cut, and suggests longer bangs on the sides to elongate the face and draw attention upwards, taking away from the roundness.

For fine hair, Walkinhood suggests a stronger blunt bob with a heavier or curtain bang that’s still choppy on the ends and longer on the corners. For thick hair, he recommends a middle part, choppier bob with more layers, and a wispy fringe or curtain bang.

To style your bob with bangs, Walkinhood recommends using a fine-tooth comb and low heat on the blow dryer to dry the bangs as flat as possible, especially if they have cowlicks in the fringe. He also loves using a squared round brush for more volume in the bangs.

For a smooth and shiny bob and fringe, Walkinhood recommends using Waterfall Moisture and Shine Lotion and Zipper Multi-Tasking Styling Lotion, both from R+Co. For a voluminous and textured bob, he suggests Rodeo Star Thickening Mousse and Trophy from R+Co. For curly or wavy bobs, Walkinhood recommends Ringtone Ultra Defining Gel Crème from R+Co.

Don’t miss out on the chance to switch up your look with a stunning bob with bangs. Take a look at our collection of bob with bangs pictures for women with round faces and discover your new favorite hairstyle.

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