25 Modern Spiral Perm Hairstyles


25 Modern Spiral Perm Hairstyles Women Are Getting Right Now

A spiral perm is a type of permanent wave that creates different sizes and lengths of curls, giving you a lively and voluminous hairstyle. This classic ’80s style has made a comeback and evolved into modern variations!

To achieve perfect spiral curls, the hair is rolled onto a perm rod vertically, which works best on long locks. Before getting a spiral perm, it’s important to consider a few things. Curly hair expert Dennis Mero from Orlando, FL suggests asking yourself: “How often do I need to get a perm and a haircut? Can I color my hair? Do I need to change my hair products and routine?”

Mero emphasizes that learning how to take care and maintain your hair is crucial when getting a perm. “One of the biggest mistakes I see is women wanting wavy or curly hair because they think it’s easier than having straight hair. It can be, but only when you learn how to take care of your new hair.”

To start, Mero recommends using a good shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair’s porosity. “Your shampoo and conditioner are like gas for your car. It can’t run without it, and it will function poorly if you use the wrong kind.”

Take a look at these pictures of the most popular and modern spiral perm hairstyles before your next hair appointment!

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