25 Short Shag Haircuts Older Women Are Getting


25 Incredible Short Shag Haircuts Older Women Are Getting in 2023

Short shag haircuts are gaining immense popularity among women of all age groups. However, for older women, they can be a fantastic choice to refresh their appearance while embracing their natural texture. Rachel Rende, a skilled hairstylist, generously shares her expert advice to assist older women in selecting the perfect short shag haircut.

Customization for Every Hair Type and Texture

According to Rachel Rende, one of the reasons she loves shag haircuts is that they are highly customizable and can work well with any hair type and texture. While short shags are ideal for medium to thick hair types, they can work equally great on fine hair. “A short shag on finer hair makes my clients feel much fuller than when their hair was long with just a few layers,” says Rende. Short shags can work on straight, wavy, or curly hair, bringing out the natural texture in a way that allows for a modern and effortless style.

Embracing Your Natural Hair with Movement and Texture

Rende emphasizes that the short shag haircut is about enhancing and embracing your natural hair with movement and texture. It is perfect for women who are tired of forcing their hair to do something they don’t naturally want to do. “Whatever your hair type is, just make sure your hairstylist is customizing the haircut to your hair type, texture, and lifestyle needs,” she advises.

Considerations for Different Face Shapes

The shag hairstyle is highly versatile and can suit any face shape. Rende suggests that a heavy blocky fringe might make a face look shorter for a round face shape, so dropping the length below the chin and opening up the fringe to part in the middle like a curtain bang can create lines that narrow a round face shape.

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Styling Tips and Tricks

The short shag style can be very versatile and easy to style. It can look great air-dried and natural or be blown out for a fun 70s vibe. For everyday life, Rende suggests air-drying or diffusing. “I like my clients to have the option to blow their hair out and feel great, but also to be able to wash their hair and go,” she says. When styling, she recommends brushing the hair forward and allowing the hair to bend around the side of the brush to create that recognizable wing form. Diffusing is also excellent for styling a short shag, and Rende suggests hovering around the head and setting the products without touching the hair too much while diffusing. “You want to kick up the volume a notch, try diffusing with your head upside down,” she advises. There are no rules on how much or how little to diffuse your hair, and you can diffuse 100 percent or just the fringe and let the rest air dry.

Product Recommendations

Rende recommends using a texture or sea salt spray on damp hair before diffusing. These sprays will help enhance the hair’s natural texture and create a more defined curl. She also suggests using a light hairspray or a leave-in conditioner to finish the look and tame any frizz.

Photos of the Most Incredible Short Shag Haircuts for Older Women

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