26 Stylish Bob Haircuts for Women Over 70


26 Stylish Bob Haircuts for Women Over 70 Who Want a Fashionable Look

Bob haircuts for women over 70 are popular for generating versatile and classic styles. With countless varieties, you can always find what suits you best!

“Bobs look great on every woman,” Stephanie Gardner, a stylist from Pittsburgh, PA, states.

You can ask for some stacked layers to enjoy that voluminous hair shape. Otherwise, rock a one-length, blunt chop for finer locks to appear and feel full-bodied.

If you have a thick hair type, removing some weight is a total game changer! Gardner, however, warns that if you don’t have enough hair texture, it may seem too bulky.

When choosing the kind of bob to wear, always consider your face shape. “You would want your haircut to flatter each of your facial features,” Gardner notes.

Every haircut has to be tailored to complement you. It could be the length that must be shorter or longer or the edges that must either have a sharp line or a texturized one.

“The right length of tresses can create an illusion of softening around the jawline, which benefits older ladies very much,” says Gardner.

At-home maintenance is an essential matter to discuss with your stylist. There’s a difference between a low-upkeep bob and a bob cut that only requires a bit of styling.

Add some flair to your hair! This is the trend you don’t want to miss. Check out these images of inspiring bob haircuts for women over 70 before your next salon visit.

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