30 Best Hairstyles For Women with Big Foreheads


30 Best Hairstyles For Women with Big Foreheads

Dealing with a big head is one thing, but a big forehead? Entirely different! Most hairstylists will recommend that you get a customizable bang style for your forehead. Make sure that you focus the attention on some other features as well, such as your lips, or an interesting birthmark – if you have one! Here are your gorgeous options when it comes to personalized hairstyles.

What Hairstyle To Rock When You Have A Big Forehead?

Once you accept the fact that you can’t change the size of your forehead, you are one step closer to finding your new hairstyle! The most important & practical advice: wear bangs! Bangs will create an illusion of a smaller forehead. Here are some practical hairstyle ideas:

  • Curly or loose locks, especially around the front of your hair
  • Shag hairstyles
  • Bob haircuts
  • Lob cuts
  • Straight bangs
  • Curtain bangs
  • Mullet hairdos
  • Fringe

PS: You can also opt for crazy hair colors! The wilder – the better! This color change can also make for an amazing distraction from your forehead.

Wavy Hair with Bangs

Bob Haircuts

Long Hair

Shaggy Hair

Choppy Lob

Wispy Bangs

Ready To Cut And Style Your Hair?

So, are you ready to experiment with your hairdo? As you can see, there are loads of different hairstyles that you can go for. Focus on getting the right bangs for your head or face shape – you will love the outcome once you fully customize it.

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