30 Side Hairstyles for Prom That Suits Any Occasion


As you know, side buns, side ponytails, braids, and curls… have been popular and worn by many women and celebrities at all events. It is on-trend for many decades. Especially when prom seasons at the end of the year are preparing, it is the best time to find out outfits, accessories, and suitable hairstyles. Thanks to side hairstyles for prom, you can show off your beautiful neck and shoulder in any dress. Moreover, you will be an outstanding lady in the crowd in this way. You should know that side hairstyles might be the best option to complete your look. Plus, it is better for 20 years later when you see your old picture with these trendy side hairstyles for prom. That’s why you should check out 30 side hairstyles for prom to wake up your inner beauty.

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Eye-catching Side Hairstyles for Prom

With side hairstyles, it is mainly messy, wavy textures, and romantic touch. When you see them, you will feel these styles created spontaneously without too much use of hair products. These are normally messy buns, braids or twists because it works great on young girls. Besides that, we also have some hairstyles that are completed in a polished finish. However, it needs help from hair spray to bring the effect you want. These styles are usually sleek, free-flowing as side curls. We believe that it brings you an elegant and also sexy look at any event. We suggest that side hairstyles for prom will work great on long hair more than others. If you want to achieve one, consider extensions. Plus, if you plan to go with an asymmetric dress, you should style your hair to the strapless side. With these styles, the best accessories are hair flowers, pearls, or headbands.

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