31 Cute Lob Haircut Ideas – 2022’s Best Lob Haircuts


Cute Lob Haircut Ideas – 2022’s Best Lob Haircuts

A lob haircut is a women’s hairstyle that is cut somewhere between the chin and collarbone. A lob is a shortened term for a long bob and lobs vary in length. When cut correctly, lobs can make thin hair appear thicker. A lob haircut works on all hair textures and face shapes and is perfect for older women wanting a low-maintenance hairstyle. Lob haircuts are ideal for the girl who wants longer hair but still want a shorter hairstyle.

While most lobs vary in style, many lob haircuts do have layers. Before you get your hair chopped, you’ll want to decide how much layering you want, as that will affect how it frames your face and the kind of texture that suits your hair type. Lobs have certainly been taking Instagram and Pinterest by storm with the help of celebrities like Selena Gomez to Kendall Jenner sporting the look. Below, I’ve put together a gallery of some of today’s hottest salons and stylists who have created some of the most stunning lobs you’ll see this year.

So, before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of lob haircut ideas:

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