31 Face-Framing Layered Hair with Curtain Bangs Hairstyle Ideas


31 Face-Framing Layered Hair with Curtain Bangs Hairstyle Ideas

Trendy layered hair with curtain bangs brings out a classic, voluminous hairstyle. Added texture, movement, and shape are the creations of a layering cut. It turns a dull, lifeless look into a much more captivating one!

Cosmetologist Kristen Odonnell of Steubenville, OH, is an expert in layers and bangs. She points out how one must have a middle part when opting for a curtain fringe. “If the partition of the hair is on the side, or if you opt for straight bangs, it gives a completely different look,” Odonnell points out.

The best part of having layers is its ability to showcase a new style without losing lots of your hair length. Bardot curtain bangs and face-framing layers create a brand new look without the need for a big chop.

Hair consultation is critical. Be clear in communicating what you want your hair to look like. It’s best to inform your stylist where you want your layers to start and the length you want to go for your fringe.

Odonell shares some tips for this cut. “Cut the hair when wet then, blow-dry to visualize where you want the layers to hit,” she says.

She also points out some downsides when getting this cut. “It’s not ideal for women who wear their hair up or play sports a lot. It’s not ideal if you don’t want any strands hanging down your face.”

She explains, “Because the pieces around the face are shorter, they tend to fall. It can be a good or bad thing. Some people like to have the pieces fall out of their ponytail to frame their faces.”

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For your next salon visit, check these images of trendy layered hair with curtain bangs. Share these with your hairstylist to help you choose which haircut suits you best.

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