32 Coolest Shoulder-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs


32 Coolest Shoulder-Length Hair with Curtain Bangs You’ve Gotta See

If you’re looking for a medium-length haircut that frames your face, consider shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs. The fringe adds volume to your hair and softens the features of your face.

According to stylist Megan Meads, curtain bangs require commitment and daily styling to maintain their iconic look. Those with thick, curly hair may find that the choppy texture doesn’t suit their face shape, while fine hair may struggle to hold volume and appear limp and stringy.

Meads notes that women who rock this style always style their bangs. While curtain bangs can be iconic, they may not work for your daily routine or hair type. Thick and curly hair can feel too choppy around the face, while fine hair may not hold volume well, causing the bangs to fall flat and stringy.

To ensure you get the right style for your locks, talk to your stylist during the consultation. Ask how to style and maintain your bangs at home. Before your next salon visit, check out inspiring images of trendy styles for shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs.

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