32 Short Bobs With Bangs for Women Over 60


32 Easy and Stylish Short Bobs With Bangs for Women Over 60

A trendy short bob with bangs for women over 60 offers a modern touch with a youthful radiance. It’s a short haircut that ends either at the jawline or shoulder tip. It comes with the addition of a fringe that sits on the forehead that is either side-swept or parted down the middle.

Megan Longmore, a hairstylist from Kirkland, WA, shares a misconception on this cut. “Most women over sixty get it wrong when they think they won’t be able to pull off a shorter style,” she says. “Bobs are a versatile cut in a way that it’s customizable to flatter your face and fit your lifestyle.”

Short bobs with bangs suitable for women with fine to medium hair textures. Women in their sixties with curly or thick hair textures will do well on a bob cut, but styling and hair maintenance are vital.

On the topic of hair maintenance, short bobs need high upkeep. Bobs are precision-based haircuts requiring continuous salon visits, especially when adding bangs. Typically, it needs trimming every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain its shape.

Another misconception is the relation between bob cuts and styling. “Most women in their 60s don’t think it needs styling, but it does,” says Longmore. “It requires some styling time and a few products to keep the cut looking like it did when you left the salon,” she says.

Longmore suggests using Kevin Murphy’s Anti Gravity Cream and Smooth Again Styling Treatment. The Anti Gravity Cream creates an added layer of volume. The Smooth Again Styling Treatment offers a smooth and sleek finish to your tresses.

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Ready for some haircut ideas from inspiring pictures? Here are the trendiest ways to get a short bob with bangs for women over 60.

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