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40 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Round Faces

Angled Bob For Oval Face Shapes
Angled Bob For Oval Face Shapes

40 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Round Faces

Do you have a round or an oval face yourself? You’re not too sure what look can work well with your facial features? If you want to get a haircut that will emphasize your features and you’re intrigued by some hairdos that you can wear on a daily, keep on reading. Here and today we’re going to talk about round and oval face shapes, as well as all the looks that can suit you.

1. What Defines A Round Face?

Women who have a round face usually don’t have defined features, which means that their facial structure is pretty simple. If your forehead, jawline, cheeks & chin look pretty much even and you don’t have any curves around your outlines you do fall under this category.

2. Which Hairstyle To Go For If You Have A Round Face?

There is a ton of looks that one can go for if you have a round face shape. Some of the most popular hairdos for women who have a round face shape are:

  • Long & wispy bangs
  • Blunt bob cuts
  • Shaggy layered looks
  • Long & loose waves
  • Textured & balayage highlights 

3. How Much Will You Pay For This Hair Transformation? 

Which look do you plan on getting and wearing sometime soon? There are loads of options, meaning that prices can truly vary. Most looks will go for $60-$120. This price will cover the hair cutting process, coloring, styling & blow-drying.

Short Hair For Round Face

Long Hair For Round Faces 

Time To Play With Your Facial Features! 

Let us know if you’re ready to make this big move and make a change. Are you ready to cut your hair and play around with some of these looks? All of them can look good on oval face shapes, just cater the length, color, and style per your preference, you’re going to love the outcome!



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