40 Modern Shag Hairstyles For Women To Make A Splash


40 Modern Shag Hairstyles For Women To Make A Splash

From 1970’s hairstyles worn by Joan Jett and Jane Fonda to modern Alexa Chung’s and Taylor Swift’s looks, shag haircuts seem to be adaptable to any trends, being literally timeless. Since the shag haircut allows for various layers and an array of bangs, it is great for each face shape, hair length and type. Let’s explore the trendy options available for different individualities.

Hot Shags Sorted by Hair Length

Though originated from mainly shoulder-skimming or longer hairstyles, today’s shag haircut is customized to multiple lengths, including chin-length bobs or even shorter. Depending on the type of your hair, its condition, your lifestyle and styling abilities, you can choose a new shaggy cut in line with current trends. And whereas messy styling is still on trend, you are free to experiment with more polished looks as you please.

Long Shag Haircut Nailed by Real Women

There is a bunch of reasons for choosing a shag hairstyle, when your hair is long. Layering saves long manes from falling flat, and this is a great way to retain the length, while gaining a chic look. “Long layers through the interior and shorter layers around the front add movement to longer hair,” Ted Gibson, hairstylist working with Angelina Jolie, Rachel Brosnahan and other celebs, told Elle. Besides, you can still enjoy various updos, but shag hairstyles rather encourage wearing your hair loose with no to little heat styling tools used. Help your hair stay healthy with one of the stylish shags from our pick!

Medium Shags Nailed by Insta Girls

“A sharp, cool style that doesn’t look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon. It suits anyone, it’s long lasting and, with face framing layers, it looks better as it grows,” says award-winning UK-based hairstylist Luke Hersheson about the shag to Glamour. Effortless, yet chic looks and easy styling were on our mind, too, when we were browsing the Web in search of the best shag cuts for mid-length hair. While we love the length for its versatility in styling, choppy cuts add a natural feel one just cannot resist. So, get inspired with this combo and a variety of effects you can create.

Short Shaggy Hairstyles to Steal from Salons

“This is a time when you can embrace the razor because it frees up all your ends — you want lots of choppy layers,” says celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate to Teen Vogue and suggests creating tousled looks with only your hands instead of flat or curling irons. This goes for any short shag haircuts regardless of your hair texture – don’t sweat to make your hair sleek and polished when you don’t want to. Also note that this is a great option for growing out your hair, for example when going from pixie to lob. Here are some chopped looks to borrow, proving that short shags are doable for various ages, head shapes and hair types.

Trendy Shags Classified By Hair Type

Everything old is new again, and hairstylists keep drawing inspiration from iconic looks of the past. “We’re also seeing a lot of seventies inspiration in fashion right now, including clean cuts and natural textures (…),” celeb hairstylist Justine Marjan says to Glamour. The latter is just the thing to start with when searching for a shag hairstyle. When applied skillfully, those magic layers can unleash all the beauty of your hair, while hiding some downsides like frizz, lack of volume or heaviness. Get your shag haircut tailored to your hair density and texture and enjoy the signature look like those we have selected.

Flattering Haircuts by Face Shape

Don’t listen to those saying that the shag haircut is not your cup of tea, just because your face is too long, too wide or too small. There is a shag for each face shape, and the width-to-length ratio is not the only thing that affects your look. In fact, any head shape and facial features can be balanced through many ways, including the haircut length, fringe type, parting, distance between layers and the level where they start. Sure, there are certain rules to follow, but there are also exceptions to the rules, as well as little tricks we are going to illustrate below.

Chic Shags with Bangs

A fringe is an inherent part of the original shag hairstyle, transformed into Farrah Fawcett’s feathered bangs in the 80s and then converted into The Rachel’s face-framing layers in the 90s. Nowadays, you are free to wear the shag cut with or without bangs, but since they are officially in vogue, it makes sense at least to have a try. The more so that you can choose from a plethora of options – long or micro, dense or wispy, straight or curly. “They have a bad reputation from when you were little, but really any age can work them,” Matt Fugate says to Allure, encouraging even mature clients to go for bangs.

Shaggy Bob Haircuts to Bookmark

“We’ve seen the bob have its major moment over the past few years, and the new shag works for the very same reason — there’s something for everyone,” Mara Roszak, hairstylist behind Emma Stone and Zoe Saldana, tells Refinery29. This is the best reason to get both of them by asking for a chic shaggy bob. Yes, we are talking of a layered chin-length cut, but you can go a bit longer or shorter to work your unique hairstyle. Be bold to play with shapes, since we are going to showcase that texture can dramatically change the way any haircut looks.

Best Shag Haircut Ideas to Find Inspiration

You couldn’t fail to notice how diverse shag hairstyles are, offering modern vibes to various hair textures. Don’t forget to pay heed to details, which help turn a haircut into a vibrant look. “It’s never just about the cut. Amazing color work can completely change the effect of the shag by adding dimension,” says award-winning hairdresser Paul Stafford to Behind the Chair, specifying one of the ways to create a stir. But if you are going to have your hair colored, make sure it’s done after cutting, since the shag is heavily dependent on layering. Also, feel encouraged to experiment with razors, shears, texturizing products, and styling tools to create stunning customized shags, such as shown below.

Don’t hesitate to go shaggy, since the trend is expected to last throughout 2021, so it’s a sure way to look stylish. Moreover, you have plenty of time to don various shags, playing with styling, bangs, colors, lengths, and shapes, while enjoying the hairstyle’s easy maintenance. With so many celebrities joining the club, we will hardly run out of inspo. Just stay in touch!

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