5 Amazing Ways to Upgrade Your Messy Bun


If you are looking for some ways to upgrade your casual style of a messy bun for this summer, you’ve come to the right place, honestly. Besides wearing this style in daily life, this style has been upgraded and now it is on a whole new level, even in parties and weddings. So, we believe that the 5 cutting-edge styles below will take your ho-hum bun and revolutionize it.

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Curly Messy Bun

This perfect hairstyle can enhance from the classical bun and takes less time to accomplish. The tip is that pulling your hair back into a loose, messy bun with beautiful curls. Plus, you should let any runaway tendrils or curls flow free to highlight the natural wave of your hair. Luckily for you, this bun hairstyle looks equally amazing when styled high, low, or in-between. A curling iron will be your secret weapon if you do not have naturally curly hair.

Messy Bun Braids

If you want to have an elegant, fairytale look, don’t miss this hairstyle. For those with medium length hair seeking a little magic for special occasions messy bun is a good option. This one is pretty enough for you in up-coming summer parties, even your wedding.

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Half- up

It is true that many girls love this look because it’s casual but also dressy. No matter your hair length, you can always achieve a stunning look for pool parties in summer.

Messy Bun with Bangs

If you’ve opted for a bold set of bangs as your hairstyle of choice this season, complement your look with a messy high bun. Not only is this look easy to achieve, but also the cool appearance it brings. The seductiveness of this style makes it a winner for any situation.

Low Bun

Last but not least, we ensure that this style is definitely more of a casual look, but still beautiful. It allows short-haired girls to make the most out of their hair.  Also, it helps to across your face to add a soft and delicate beauty.

We think that you’ve seen all the suitable hairstyles to try out during the summer period. So, why not wear them in 2020 summer and see how much fun you can get after upgrading your messy bun.

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