5 best go-to-school hairstyles in 2020


Today, we are going to find out which go-to-school hairstyles are in 2020. Now, let’s go and check them out!

Light curly hairstyle

To appear in pretty and girlish in schools, a light curly hairstyle at the end of the hair will be an ideal choice to make you look sweeter.  Regardless of your hair length, this kind of curly hair is going to fit your style. It will not make you look older, but look so gorgeous.

Beautiful go-to-school braids

To maximum your elegance when going to school, why don’t we take time to make beautiful braids There are lots of braid styles from side braids to braided ponytail for you to choose or be creative and make your own styles.

Half bun hairstyles

You are worried about taking a lot of time to prepare before going to school, but really want to look beautiful and catch other’s attention? Half bun hairstyle is here for you. This is easy to make and it is so cute! All you need to make a half bun, and then and some accessories such as a hair clip and a rubber band.

Go-to-school hairstyles with headbands

Headbands will be definitely among the accessories that any girls need to have if they want to have  a girlish and outstanding style in the crowd.  Just mixing with any kind of headbands makes your hair so cute. This hairstyle is worth to try.

Mix with a ribbon hair clip

Mixing with a ribbon hair clip is always the ideal style, so as a student, you should not miss this hairstyle when going to school. This will make you look so cute regardless of the fact that your hair is short or long. But, it will look best on half buns, which makes you become more attractive and pretty.

I hope you will like these hairstyles, and look so gorgeous when appearing in your school.

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