5 Brown Hair Colors Make a Comeback in 2020


Summer in 2020 is so freaking hot, as expected. And we don’t need hotter colors like red or pink. That’s why many celebrities have chosen brown hair as their hair uniform whenever they go.

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We rounded up top 5 brown hair which is on-trend so that you can pick one and turn it yours.

1. Spiced Chocolate Hair

I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I am a fan of Bella Hadid, and her green-blue eyes along with this shade drive me crazy. The olive of her skin is rebalanced with the warm tones of the hair, which makes the whole look unimaginably gorgeous.

2. Tan: Glossy Chestnut Color

My favorite, ladies, and gents. I love this glossy chestnut and you will love it too because it works no matter what your skin tones are. The reddish highlights and all of those dimensions that this look brings in are just a perfect complexion.

3. Burnt Sienna Style

Start with the light brown base for your entire head, then add some highlights as face-framing strands from the middle to the ends. There you go! This is how Jessica Alba did to achieve golden highlights complements.

4. Espresso to Golden Brown

I am willing to pour all of the money to have these brown hair. The honey head and caramel highlights are just classic but never get old-fashioned.

5. Cool Brown Hair

As stated by Rachel Bodt, the colorist, this shade is the most natural one. It is soft, matte, and cool. If your hair complexion is somewhat similar to the one of Solo’s, you can blend them better with the neutral shades. Good luck

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