5 Charming Vintage Styles for Women


Vintage styles are so versatile because it is used not only for formal but also casual situations. Today, many women choose styles such as fashion or hair which is inspired by the past. Moreover, you can update these classic styles into modern ones. So, we want to show you elegant vintage styles for women that we have collected to give you more ideas.

Reverse Tuck: Lovely Vintage Styles for Women       

This updo will make you look like Cinderella princess in the event! It is so lovely, right? It works great on princess dresses. You can do it easily and remember to use shining accessories to make it more outstanding.

Pin-Up Victory Rolls

This is the most common classic updos. The combination of retro and vintage helps you become a beautiful lady who has just stepped out of a time machine. Plus, use bright red lipstick with it to get a perfect style.

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Vintage Ponytail Style for Women

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a ponytail. Although it is the simplest style, there are many ways to upgrade it as this style. It brings you a fancy look on any occasion.

My Fair Lady Inspired Vintage Updo

If you want to flatter your feminine appearance, don’t miss this fair lady vintage updo. Just simply wear a flower dress; you can be the most beautiful woman in the event. Plus, you should secure this style with pins or clips.

Back Roll Vintage Updo       

All thing you need to do this cute vintage style is a colorful scarf before finishing. Start by tying it over your hair so that it circles from the base of your head to just above your hairline. The tip is that use pins to keep it in place.

All in all these vintage styles for women refresh your look a lot!

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