5 Classy Taper Fade HairCuts for Men This Year


Taper fades are the most iconic and timeless hairstyles for men recently because it gives a clean look and the gradual fade of length on the sides and in the back of the hair. Get more inspiration from the 5 best taper fade haircuts for men below.

Partial Caesar Taper Fade

This is a unique style when combining two elements such as Caesar and a half taper fade cut into a completed one. Although it appears from the past, if you do in the right way, it is worth considering.

Layered Taper Fade

This is the easiest way to make your hair become thicker just by incorporating layers throughout. Layers not only give the taper fade a fuller look but also revealing the perfect wavy curl pattern.

Choppy Taper Fade

For some men who have thicker hair, get a fade with a chopped top is not a bad idea. It brings you an edgy, modern look. Plus, you should use hair texture products to style it easily.

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Taper Fade and Handlebar Moustache

If you are a fan of the retro look of Elvis or handlebar mustache of Nick Wooster, then this style will make you fall in love immediately. The partial pompadour is not as high and voluminous as full pompadours, which makes it perfect to pair with a tapered cut.

Asymmetrical Taper Fade

The side part of this cut creates a highlight and also keeps a structural function. Moreover, it is supposed a great element when working with asymmetry style that makes your overall look more interesting.

We hope that these taper fade haircuts for men will become the trendiest one which is always by side with you through your different life stages.

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