5 Cool E-GIRL Hairstyles Which You Need to Copy


The e-styles are popular after becoming a major trend in TikTok which is Inspired by anime, goth, and skate subcultures. If you are looking forward to an alternative style that is the combination of feminine touches and ironic vibes, you are in the right place after looking at 5 inspirited cool e-girl hairstyles.

Blonde Highlights: Easy Cool E-Girl Hairstyles

This chunky blonde highlight is the best option for those who don’t want to be outstanding too much or try it for the first time. Also, it makes your face younger when cutting with center-parted bangs.

Green Highlights

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Green highlights are considered a growing trend, especially for bolder e-girls. green color creates an edgy that contrasts beautifully makeup and fashion. You should bleach sections of your hair to get the eye-catching green.

Blue Highlights

Blue hair is another bold choice as green. Although it has tricky maintenance because of the fade of blue dye, it is worth to protect something like this cool-e color.   

Purple Highlights: Trendy E-Cool Girl Hairstyle

Purple highlights always help you to draw attention to your bold and attractive look when we are mentioning about cool e-girl styles. Thanks to the combination of red and blue color, your skin can be shining that brings a cool-e look for even black skin.

Rainbow E-Girl Highlights       

There is nothing bold than a rainbow e-girl. So, this style highlights your makeup and outfit in any situation. The tip is that ask your hairstylist to mix pastel through a platinum blonde base that becomes a multi-tonal result.

We hope that you can find some useful things through these 5-perfect cool-e girl hairstyles. Tell us which one is your inspiration?

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