Coolest Curtain Haircuts for Men 2020


Curtain haircuts were well-known from the look of Oscar Wilde in the 19th century. The special point of this cut is the long fringe which is parted in the middle or one side. Moreover, it is updated to the new level at present and predicted to be the trendiest hairstyle of men. So, you should give a look at these modern curtain haircuts for men that inspires you immediately.

Short Blonde: Best Curtain Haircut for Men       

Blonde color works great on curtain hairstyle. Many famous men such as Brad Pitt make it more outstanding in the time they appear. Also, you should combine it with the undercut. Plus, use hair products when you style to get the most perfect one.

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Medium Length Curly Curtain Hairstyle

Curly style is suitable if you combine with curtain haircut. With a medium-length curl, you don’t need to focus on the way to style before hanging out. A little messy is also perfect in this man’s curtain haircut.

Short Black Curtain Haircut for Men

Not only blonde, but also black brings men a sexy look like “bad boy”. Ask the barber to keep the back the side shorter, and let the top grow to the middle of your ear. Furthermore, use wet-gel to make it more shinning.

Curtain Haircut with Beard

Another style with curtain cut is the combination of a beard. It brings rugged and masculine for every man who wears it. However, you should keep your neckbeard tidy for the best one.

After seeing these sexy curtain haircuts for men 2020, which one is on top of your list?

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