5 Cute Hair Colors for Darker Skin Tones


A difference between girls having fair skin tones and the ones with darker skin is that there are not many choices for the latter. However, that’s just a big wrong assumption. If you are one of them, I must say that belief results from a lack of research and information. There you are. We rounded up 5 cute hair colors so that you can pick one and show the hairstylists on the next appointment.

1. Blonde hair

As you can see, blonde basically works so well on Ciara. This toss-up, but blonde with golden highlights style lightened up her entire face. In case you want to copy her look, leave some face-framing strands to achieve this stunning result.

2. Violet curly hair

You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just copy it. With this cool-girl violet hue, Jourdan Dunn did rock Coachella. This is my personal favorite for a while since the gradient purple color which is combined with soft silver and deep lilac is just so perfect.

3. Dusky gray shade

If you cannot decide which one is your fav and which one is your next go-to? Just mix all the colors as Kelis did. She slayed with a rainbow of cute hair colors. This dusky gray shade is effortlessly chic and cool. Her close-cut waves are the key. Take a risk and see what you’ll get. Why not?

4. Auburn blunt bob

Although this shade seems to be brighter than the previous one, it gives you a more unexpectedly subtle look. I could never forget the moment Teyana Taylor showed her auburn blunt bob for the first time. Although this style is simple, it does not bring in the exact same feeling.

5. Fiery red hair color

With an unapologetic soul, SZA is perfect when wearing this carefree hairstyle with textured curls.

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