It is getting hot these days and we all can’t stand it when our hair gets everywhere! If you are staying at home doing nothing or some chores, then just tying it up would be fine. But when you are at work, going out, partying and you want to be either being messy with your sweaty hair or looking like a “founding father “, then we have some great suggestions for you, it’s the Buns! Here are several easy bun hairstyles you can definitely do at home without much preparation.

1.Chignon Bun

Chignon is a French word which is translated to “The nape of the neck”, so you can imagine it usually on a side of the head. And if you notice, hairstylists are most likely doing bridal hair with Chignon and they create more ways and styles to make it cooler. But it doesn’t necessarily stay on aside, you can do it in the middle as normal.

2. Bun hairstyles: Braided up bun

There is no exact way to do this hairstyle, be creative! It’s all about braiding your hair and twisting them into different shapes at different places! Check out these wonderful Braided buns!

3.The Sock – Bun

In this style, you need a sock to make magic happen. The sock would become a big band to hold and shape your hair. It’s perfect for people with less hair since with sock bun, your hair will look two times bigger and prettier.

4.Loose Top Bun

Loose Top Bun is the easiest and one of the most popular bun hairstyles, it gives you a dreamy look with the loose streaks streaming down your face. There are different ways to create this too, you can braid it as well if you want your bun to look a bit bigger. Here are some hottest bun hairstyles for you.

Bun hairstyles: 5.Space buns

Space buns are basically just two buns and a gap between them, you can choose whether to put all of your hair up or just some part.  Just follow the steps of making one top knot but do it on both sides.

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