5 Easy Grunge Hairstyles for Killer Looks


It is undoubted that grunge hairstyles were thriving when Nirvana and Pearl Jam were music icons during the 90s. These styles never go out of fashion over the years because they give a bit of sense of the old era and still keep everything else modernized. So, without further hesitancy, jump on the list right away.

Grunge hairstyles: Messy Denim Bob

This haircut is flexible, easy to maintain, and yet very messy. However, this style looks very beautiful, and works  especially  great in mid-length hair. Plus, it will be more perfect when you own a voluminous hair along with dark makeup.

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Half-Up Space Buns

To be honest, there is nothing more ’90s than space buns. It is an unforgettable grunge look that you can get by dying your hair with a nice vibrant color.

Grunge hairstyles: Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold doesn’t necessarily mean girly, it can also be a killer look when styled in a grungy way. No matter your hair length is, without no doubt this hairstyle can be a great option. You should ask the colorists to put the color runs dark on the roots and lightens as it goes towards the ends. Also, we recommend you to style your hair in ways that emphasizing the color.

Purple Ombre and Side Braid

If your priority is to become one of the most glamorous girls in grunge hairstyles, then you should look nowhere else. This haircut features sleek dark straight hair which combines with a braid on the side. Moreover, makeup is recommended to really up the final touch of an art.

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Short Hair with an Edge

Short hair can be grunge, too. So, ensure to look into this cut because it creates a fantastic look for those who have short hair. You can even cut it to a pixie, edgy and asymmetrical type. It was voted to be one of the most nice-looking short grunge hairstyles.

Those look great, right? Although you lived throughout the grunge era or you are trying it for the first time, we guarantee that you will get the killer look by these styles.

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