5 Easy Loose French Braid Hairstyles


There are many techniques and different braid styles for your inspiration right now. Besides keeping it tidy or into a work of art, others have done it both ways. Don’t worry too much about the time you have, we will show you 5 easy loose French braid hairstyles for your daily work or study.

Loose Side French Braid

You can update your normal French braid by moving it to the side of your head. You should start taking hair from the top of one side and keep doing it and adding hair from both sides to the end.

Low Side French Braid

This is the other way on one side that would begin in behind one of the ears. Additionally, keep going to the way down with angling it toward the opposite side of the head. That is all thing you need to do for a low side braid, an easy style but very sophisticated, right?

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French Braids into Braided Buns

With this style, you can do by grabbing your double French braids and roll them into the braided buns. Plus, keep it in place with an elastic or bobby pins. This cute braid is perfect for warm days, like summer occasion.

French Braids into Pigtails

Another option for you is to stop braiding to the end of hair and tie both braids with elastics. It leaves the rest of the hair as a pair of simple pigtails. Moreover, you can use bobby pins, as the items to hide your elastic.

Side French Cornrow

This is an edgy style for those who want to highlight their French braid but keep it still simple and fast to create. Garb a little hair on one side and do it to the end. Let the rest of the hair be loose.

So, which loose French braid hairstyles make you fall in love now?

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