5 Easy Steps To Get Beach Waves Without Heat


Beach waves always remain the most picked hairstyles for girls during summer. Yet, the thought of turning your curling iron in the boiling heat just to get the right waves may not be a good idea. But how can you quit this heat tools while you need perfectly rippled strands? The good news is you now can achieve your summer dream beach waves without heat. Here are 5 easy steps for you to take the trendy beachy tresses.

1. Get the right haircut

Choosing your haircut depends on your hair’s texture, face shape, and length. However, I have to say that the best way to have beach waves without heat is point cutting. Ask your hairstylist to feather the ends of your hair with a razor or scissors.  This helps to encourage your hair’s movement and easy to form curls.

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2. Preparing your hair properly

Beach waves are very sensitive. Stay away from all your blow-dryers if possible, or gently use your hands to dry and smooth it with a round brush.

3. Distribute the right product

Separate your hair into sections and slightly apply the product from roots to ends. Then twist them differently like dreadlocks. Remember, too much product and you lose your hair’s movements.

4. Achieve beach waves without heat by braiding while you are sleeping

This is the most important step to decide whether you get your beach waves or not. A proper braid together with a proper product gives the perfect result. Determine if you want loose waves or tight waves. Then make a three-section braid (for loose waves) or a rope braid (for tight waves). Wait for your hair to completely air dry and take out the braids.

5. Pin curls as an alternative

Pin curls are another choice for waving without heat. After well-preparing your hair, roll each section in a large pin curl and secure it with a small clip. Remember to do it in different directions. Once your hair is dry, take out the pins and comb gently to break the curls apart into nice waves.

Follow our easy steps and get beach waves without heat!

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