5 Easy Updos for Medium Hair Women


In many years, updos are one of the most common hairstyles for women because it is beautiful and practical. Although wherever they go, school, office, or party, this is a great option for them. To meet that demand, we have searched about 5 easy updos for medium hair women that assure you to always receive the best results in updo hairstyles.

The Messy Top Knot

The top knot is always on-trend on runways or street because of its chic and simple. To get the highest top knot, you should create a ponytail first and then section it into 2 parts. Wrap around the root of your pony until no loose ends. Finally, secure it with elastic.

The French Braided Bun

Highlight your easy updos with the French braid element. Just simply braid your hair from the beginning to the nape and use the rest of the hair to make a bun. Plus, keep it in place by elastic at always.

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Easy Low Updos with Bangs

This hairstyle will be an amazing one for a busy working day. All thing you need is to create it loosely and a bit messy texture. Moreover, you can use a lovely scrunchy instead of elastic. If you have time, you should finish it with curly bangs.

Easy Twisted Updos for Medium Hair Women

This twisted halo updo looks so complicated but it is super easy for those who used to practice. You need to create a loose flat from one side of the forehead to another.

Twisted Glam Bun Updo for Mid-Length Hair

The last one on the list of easy updos for medium hair women is a glam bun which is used for formal occasions. If you have a chance, you should let the hairstylist complete it for you.

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