5 Must-Try Balayage Hair Colors


If you are looking for some hair colors that switch up your basic, tonal locks without a full-on commitment, you should give balayage hair colors a chance. By going balayage, you can not only keep your hair in original base color without too much drastic change, but also give yourself a new look. So, open to having a little fun with these 5 subtle balayage hair colors!

Dark Brown Hair with Cinnamon Balayage

As you can see, a brunette balayage adds texture to one-dimensional be own hair. If you let the highlights normally fall, your hair will look slightly lighter cinnamon color that shades for a vibrant effect.


Beachy Caramel Balayage

This is a great way to rock subtle balayage blonde without going bleach crazy. No matter how dark your hair is, we highly recommend you that let dye it to lightening blonde. Otherwise, you can incorporate some caramel highlights and even go blonde for a natural vibe, if your hair is already warm.

Brunette with Subtle Highlights

Use the balayage technique which is just a shade lighter than your own hair is not only suitable but also soft, pretty, and easy to maintain. So, you do not need to visit a hair salon regularly with this style.

Subtle Ash Balayage: stunning Balayage Hair Colors

Many women tend to choose ash tones are all the rage in hair coloring today. You should change your natural hair to brunette or blonde hair with cooler silver, more muted tone.

Dark Gray with Violet Balayage

This is one of the trendy hair colors recently. The combination of them brings you an edgy, modern appearance in the right shade.

The versatility beauty of balayage hair colors is in the variety of tones and shades. We hope that after seeing these colors, you can decide to experience some!

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