5 Sexy Man Bun Styles That Inspirit You


Bun Hairstyles for men are often getting progressively famous on runways, red carpets, for professional photoshoots. So, it makes a large number of men become enthusiastic fans of this style. Therefore, we want to show you 5 man bun styles that are on-trend recently.

Man Bun Hairstyles: Fade Line Up

This is a very confident style which is basically a top man bun and shaved sides all the way around the head. Moreover, you can add a well-groomed round beard and a blunt line up for the most perfect overall.

Classic Full Bun for Long Hair

This is one of the great options for long hair men because it does not need much effort to style. In fact, the hardcore men are always to admit that the most iconic and ageless knot like this one never goes out of fashion.

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Tied Back Long Braids with Fade

The adventurer men, especially long hair will fall in love with these well-cared long braids tied back in a half pony bun. Plus, the neat under shave with clean lines will accentuate the aesthetics of the wanderer knot.

Artsy Fishtail Bun with Tattoo

The combination of natural hair man bun and fishtail braid elements promises an amazing style. Although the high fade needs high maintenance, the appearance of a cute tattoo and bushy beard is exceptionally creation.

Swirl Bun in Wavy Hair

This hairstyle belongs to all busy men out there, who do not have time for no- fancy cuts. All you need to do is pull your long wavy hair into a messy, swirly bun and ready to go out. To get sexy and stylish, you should combine it with full bread.

So, we think that buns are not only reserved for women. Which man bun styles are your best-liked?

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