5 Sporty Hairstyles for Short Hair This Summer


Not only for the gym, but also for many other activities, sporty hairstyles are used by women to look more dynamic, especially for those who have short- lengths. Moreover, they have been replaced by a wealth of stylish and durable looks that can be easier to style, even when you are in a little bit hurry. So, 5 sporty hairstyles for short hair that we’ve searched around to give you more ideas about it.

Chunky Cornrows

For the first one of the sporty hairstyles, we cannot forget braided styles on this list. However, this is not just simply a normal braid. Chunky cornrows not only look fantastic but will also keep your hair neatly off your face. The tip is to keep those braids tight, so that you’ll be able to rock this style.

Sporty hairstyles for short hair: The ‘No Band’ Braid

This is another sporty hairstyle with braid when you want a sport hairstyle in a short length. To get this lovely braid, you just need to tease the end of your plait with a comb. Then, use the hairspray to spritz your mane. We assure you that you will make others envious because of this style.

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Half-Up Bun for Short Hair

We are considering that the half topknot bun is the ultimate ‘do for short hair. Half-up bun brings you a sporty and stylish style even at school, workplace, or friend’s house. Plus, it is easy to combine, especially after using dry shampoo.

 Headband Updo

Besides going out, this sporty hairstyle is the most suitable for the gym. It is an easy and quick hairstyle to do, even when you come to the gym in the early morning every day. A headband is usually used to avoid stray short strands or flyaway.

Sporty Hairstyles For Short Hair: Stacked Buns

Not only long hair girls but also short ones can wear their hair in a perfect messy or stacked bun. They need to be a little cleverer with the way they style their short hair. You will look unique while hanging out.

So, after looking at 5 sporty hairstyles for short hair, it is time for you to choose the best one for next trying!

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