5 Statement Medium Hairstyles for Men


Recently, many men tend to choose medium hairstyles. Even some of those who have short hair before, they finally realize that medium lengths give even more chances in the choice of new ones. So, we want to show you some great examples of medium hairstyles for men after we looked around and collected that will be attracted you guys immediately.

Natural Medium Length Waves

This is not only a classic but also a currently fashionable hairstyle for men. You should cut it longer in the top and shorter at the bottom of your hair. You don’t need to have it cut all the way to the skin, if that’s not your style, let keep a half-inch on the sides and back, instead. Use hair spray to create hair holding when you want to style it back to the style.

Spiky Low Fade Haircut

It is a hairstyle that is simple and easy to style. Another tip is that let your hair dry by naturally way and pull hair straight up on the top and make the separation in the spikes. Remember to keep it with a bit of hair spray.

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Medium hairstyles for men: Classic Brushed Back Hairstyle

This is masculine men haircut which is never out of trend. The clean edging around the ear and the nape combined with the low taper lends a modern appeal. You should smooth your hair before going out to approach the very clean medium hairstyle.

Grown Out Layers

If you have this nice one, it is better to let it grow for a handsome, romantic look. So, you can get the best result when let it dry by natural air. 

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Side-Shaved Comb Over

The most important of this one is all about balancing the length. Otherwise, you can have a buzzed side by a slick chin-length comb-over. You should consider having a thick beard to achieve a rugged and masculine appearance.

Medium hairstyles for men like these will let you express yourself better. We hope that you can make a decision at least one of them in your next hair salon visit!

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