5 Stunning Examples of Short Haircuts for Older Woman


There’s no age limit for beauty. Whatever age you are at, it’s time for you to try something new to make yourself feel fresh and special. Why not start with hairstyle – the most easy-to-change part of your body. Pixies, bob, and shag are all styles that age you backward for years. We rounded up the top 10 gorgeous short haircuts for an older woman that would work best for fine and limp hair, which is inevitable when you age. Scroll down, pick your favorite, book a hair salon appointment, and make yourself proud of that decision.

1. Short Haircuts for Older Woman: Short Spikey Pixie

Short spikey pixie can never go wrong, especially for women with fine hair.

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2. Long Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

If you never try long pixie with side-swept bangs, (I mean, seriously?) you have to try it once in your lifetime. It is not only classic but also versatile. You can make it both formal and casual depending on your demands. For instance, a messy and textured is a go-to for a casual meeting like a coffee morning or a hanging out with friends. Then, you need to be elegant and refined for an appointment? Just slicked it down and you’re ready to go.

3. Short Haircuts for Older Woman: Classic Bob for Thick Wavy Hair

Who says sassy haircut is just for young girls? These short haircuts for older woman would change your perspectives.

4. Layered Graduated Bob

I personally love layered bob because you can play colors with each layer. Don’t know what I mean? Try out some highlights and you’ll get addicted.

5. Short Haircuts for Older Woman: Blue Steel Pixie

The older people get, the more stable they become. However, don’t hesitate to cross your creativity threshold. Try out some vibrant color on your hair. Blue steel pixie is a good combination.

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