5 Ways to Part Your Hair


Here’s the thing: I have the exact same middle part since, Uhm, primary school (Please don’t tell anybody). Yes, I did think quite a little time about changing about new styles, transforming myself and kinds of stuff. However, when I was younger, I was of a strong belief that face shapes determined everything. Like, I need to stick to some certain styles to look “good”, and I need to avoid these others to not become a disaster. That’s the same belief when it came to the parts. But now, when I am older and have more practical perspectives, I’m sure that there are no rules to beauty, and hair part. Ahead, having been inspired by Hailey Baldwin, Yara Shahidi, and other celebs, I rounded up 5 easiest ways to part your hair and become more stunning than ever.

1. The Blunt Middle Part

If you love to bring in the ‘90s vibe, this style is for you. Just part your hair right down the middle with a fine-tooth comb, there you go. I love this hair since it’s ideal for any style. You can make loose waves like the ones of Hailey Baldwin or just simply a cool high ponytail.

2. The Deep Side Part

Zendaya is a living proof for this ultimate inspo. To have this part, choose a softer angel and flip your hair over the line. And voilà, you nail it!

3. The Subtle Side Part

I have to confess: sides parts aren’t ideal for everyone, including me. That’s why we have the “subtle” side part inspired by Gigi Hadid. Part your hair down the middle, but a little off-centered. This style is great for both long and short hair.

4. The Hidden Hair Part

Too confusing about the parts? Then try to hide it away. “The best part is no part at all,” legends said. You can have this by making use of the natural hair’s volume.

5. The Side Hair Part with Bangs

If you want a look like Emma Stone, just sweep your grown-out bangs across your forehead. Finally, finish off with a shine-enhancing spray to slay.

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