50 Wolf Haircut Ideas Trending


50 Wolf HairCut Ideas Trending

The wolf haircut is a trendy and edgy take on the classic mullet and shag haircuts. It features stacks of layers that create a voluminous and bouncy silhouette. Thanks to TikTok, this hairstyle is taking the world by storm.

We spoke to Andy Bates, a hairstylist from Sacramento, CA, who shared his thoughts on the wolf haircut. According to Bates, this hairstyle is not suitable for women with thin hair as it highlights a chunky and piecey texture with some flipping and bending of the hair.

Bates recommends the wolf cut for young women under 25 with a septum piercing who aspire to be an E-girl. “It’s a fun and edgy cut – perfect if you don’t care about how your hair looks and can pull off cute looks no matter what,” he says.

While the wolf cut is a low-maintenance haircut, Bates advises styling it every morning. He suggests wetting it down and blow-drying the bangs a little to create a feathered curtain bang and pinning it with the ends flipping out a bit.

Bates cautions that some stylists create a curly mass in the back when removing too much weight from the rest of the hair, which can result in a shag rather than a wolf cut. Therefore, it is essential to find a hairstylist who is an expert in creating this type of cut.

If you are considering getting a wolf haircut, check out these popular photos of the style to stay on-trend. Remember to consult with a hairstylist to ensure that the wolf cut is the right hairstyle for your hair texture and face shape.

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