55 Types of Short Shag Haircuts & Modern Ways to Get It


55 Types of Short Shag Haircuts & Modern Ways to Get It

Short shag haircuts are a trendy and slightly edgy variation of a short haircut. Our team has scoured Instagram to find pictures showcasing the best ways to achieve this layered cut. I’ll also assist you in choosing the perfect shag that works best for your hair type, age, and lifestyle.

As someone who has cut many shags for women over the years, I have compiled a list of the most important things I tell my clients who are considering a shaggy crop. These tips are sure to be helpful for you too!

Key Things to Know First

  • Pros: Shags are great if you have thick or thin hair. When done correctly, all of the texturizing and layering can make your fine hair appear thick and for thick hair to appear less bulk. Shags are a modern cut that not everyone is willing to try, resulting in more people noticing your hair.
  • Cons: Many shags require more time to style and products. It’s not your wash-and-go haircut.
  • Face Shape: Shorter shags compliment most face shapes. If you have a rounder face, the more you want to avoid bangs, the shorter your hair gets. If you have a narrower face, it will pair well with a textured fringe.
  • Styling: One of my top tips for styling short shags is investing in a high-quality texturizing sea salt spray. It will enhance your hair’s natural texture and give you that shaggy surfer look you see all over Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Ask Your Hairstylist About:
    • Styling products for your hair type or desired look.
    • Whether or not you’re face shape will benefit from some face-framing or bangs.
    • If you should have more blunt ends for your hair type.
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Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the best short shag haircuts and hairstyles for women!

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