6 Coolest Edgar Haircuts For Men


Recently, Edgar haircuts have become a popular trend for men with long, oval, or angular faces. It perfectly suits for those who already have short hair and want to refresh their look and hide an uneven hairline.

1. Classic Edgar Haircut 

Firstly, we will talk about the most basic style of the Edgar – Classic Edgar Haircut. This style is perfect for men with straight, short, thick hair. With a straight line across your forehead, you will possess an edgy appeal and an attitude because of its sharply-cut lines.

2. Wavy Edgar Haircut

Unlike classic Edgar haircuts, a wavy Edgar helps you to show off the nature of your hair and have an unique and strange look. The barber will create a skin fade at the sides and the top of your hair will be kept to make an undercut effect.

3. Edgar Haircut with Platinum Hair

Over the past ten years, platinum hair has been widely recommended for men, especially with short haircuts like the Edgar. It will completely change your appearance and make you outstanding among the crowd.

4. High Fade Edgar Haircut

This style will trim almost all your hair out of your head if you already have a high and skin fade haircut. Different from normal Edgar style, the barber will buzz the sides into a sharp high fade and brush your hair into a mini Caesar style.

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5. Edgar Haircut with Choppy Hair

Edgar haircut always gives you an extraordinary and unique look. Moreover, this haircut with choppy hair is a wonderful example of an outstanding way to make your hair really shine. On the top section, the barber will cut hair in several different lengths – a type of choppy cuts while making a straight cut on the forehead one – an Edgar cut. However, this haircut will keep the majority of your hair instead of creating a high skin fade cut to keep the whole looking cohesive.

6. Edgar Haircut with Beard

For those who love the growing beard, this is a perfectly suitable decision to change their appearance without shaving off their beloved beard. A short, angular, and modern cut are ideal for a short beard with shape up or an anchor beard.

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