6 Ombre Colors For Short Hair Girls


When mentioning about ombre hair colors, people often associate them with long locks, beachy volume, and texture. Yet, it doesn’t mean a short-hair girl cannot shine brightly with ombre hair. Ombre can be soft, natural, or it can get dramatic with high contrast colors. Let’s take a quick look at these fascinating ombre styles for short hair girls.

1. Subtle Blonde: Ombre Hair Color for Short Hair Girl

A chin-length cut hair works really well with this blonde ombre. The change might be subtle, but the impact is striking. You can still look perfect while you want the ‘same-different’.

2. Grey-brown Ombre

If you’re not into vibrant hues, this neutral ombre combo is perfect for you. This grey-brown shade looks best on shoulder-length bob.

3. Strawberry Ombre

This ombre features a rich pink color at the roots and slight transition shade at the ends. This style allows you to playfully part your hair in various ways as it gives your hair a lot of movement and depth.  

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4. Ombre styles for short hair: Silver ombre

For something a little more unique, you can also go for a light and silvery color at the tips of your short hair. This ombre style will make you look fresh and icy as much as possible. Let’s be a coolly stylish girl!

5. Red Sombre

For an ombre color, regrowth is always a problem that most girls are struggling with. Yet, with this style, you don’t have to worry about that. With dark roots blending little highlighting red ends, you will get a long-lasting stunning look.

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6. Two-tone Ombre

This is one of the most popular ombre colors for short hair. Although your ombre often starts with your natural root color, two-toned color is a trending option. All you need are two strong hues in the same family and combine them in an ombre fashion. This look works best on bobs and lobs so you have enough hair to flaunt.

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